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We specialize in IRS tax problem solving, especially enforced collections, seizures, liens, levies, IRS errors, and audits.

An Offer in Compromise is one solution for those who have taxes they can’t pay. An Offer in Compromise is an agreement between the IRS and the taxpayer that resolves the tax liability. The IRS has the authority to settle or compromise federal tax liabilities by accepting less than the full amount under certain circumstances. Qualifying for an OIC is based on your monthly income and expenses, assets, and economic hardship conditions.

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What people have said about us

Dear Sherm & Beth:

I was reflecting the other day that it has been over 10 years that through frustration and fear and the recommended of a number of people that I called you. As you remember, I am sure, my obligation to the IRS was extremely high (over $100,000) and was in a serious situation. After a number of conversations and visits you put together, and plan to handle the problem with the least amount of pain as possible. It took a lot of time and years but the problem is handled and the IRS is now is not one of the problems in my life.

People think that from TV ads, internet and print that there are easy fixes out there but after they have spent a great deal of money and time there is no magic formula just solid professional and knowledgeable advice. That’s what your firm offers. In my case, there will be no other option.

Thanks again Sherm and Beth for all that you are and for all that you have done. I am not only client but as importantly we all have become such good friends.

M.P., New Hampshire

Cain, Bourret, Jarry & Associates, LLC:

Effective, professional, punctual, organized and expediters are a few words that speak for themselves when getting our taxes prepared- We have several returns that need doing (state and federal) yearly and Cain, Bourret, Jarry & Associates, LLC are and have been absolutely excellent in getting the work done.

Robert and Bonnie, Kearsarge, N. H.