Offers in Compromise

Are you now on a payment schedule with the Internal Revenue Service? Or have you been told that you must get on to one soon by an IRS Revenue Officer or IRS representative? Why not convert it to an IRS Offer in Compromise instead, save tens of thousands of tax dollars, and get rid of your debt to the IRS forever???

Well, Good News for you! The Internal Revenue Service has just changed the law regarding Offers in Compromise! It is very possible that you may now qualify for an Offer in Compromise where you did not qualify before this law change! It is entirely possible that you could convert that monthly payment you are now making (which will go on for up to 10 years due to the IRS Statute of Limitations if you don’t!), to an Offer in Compromise that would end your payments in about 6 months-FOREVER!

For example: Let’s assume you owe $50,000 & are now making a $500.00 per month payment. Under the OLD RULES of an Offer in Compromise you would have to multiply the $500.00 by 48 (if a cash Offer) to arrive at the amount you would have to offer (assuming no other assets). That would make the minimum Offer $24,000 ($500 multiplied by 48).Under the NEW RULES, you would only have to multiply that $500.00 by 12 (if a cash Offer). That would make your new minimum Offer $6000.00 ($500.00 multiplied by 12)! Where there was no way you could come up with $24,000 under the old rules, you could now afford to make that Offer! (An $18,000 savings difference!) So, for an Offer to them of $6000.00 you would get rid of $50,000 of debt-forever! And, that $6000.00 can possibly be paid with nothing down and no payments until 30 days after acceptance of the Offer (they take about 6 months to get accepted). After that you can break the payment of that $6000.00 down over 5 monthly payments, so you don’t have to pay them all at once!</pP

I invite you to check out what I am saying by going on! Click on Offer in Compromise, and look at the rules and the Minimum Offer explanation. It’s always best to do some investigative work on your own before hiring a professional! Then check us out at !

We have successfully negotiated hundreds of Offer in Compromises! There is tons of paperwork that must be prepared and submitted. After that, your Offer would be assigned to an IRS Investigator. You don’t want to try doing this by yourself! Don’t hire one of those TV firms that usually take your money and do little work! Hire a local professional that you can set down with, look them in the eye, and trust!!

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When my industry saw a tremendous slow down, I found myself in a position when I was in need of a tax compromise. I had worked with several other “so called experts” in tax compromise with no success. The amount of stress it brought me cannot even be described.

When I met Sherman, he devoted a significant amount of time to assist me in assessing whether my situation would merit a compromise. I believe at that time my tax debt had climbed to over $22,000. In less than a year, the tax compromise that Sherman had prepared and filed on my behalf was accepted for the amount of $2,000.

Cain, Bourret, Jarry & Associates, LLC are the only tax compromise professionals I could find that was both highly competent and professional. The others all fell short in their level of expertise and their ability to complete the process. I also found it extremely comforting that he is a Christian and showed compassion and told me that everything would be alright. Because of my tax compromise, I have my life back and I am a better person as a result of my experience. Cain, Bourret, Jarry & Associates, LLC is highly recommended.

L. Gage, NH