Past Due Tax Returns

We prepare ALL PAST YEAR INCOME TAX RETURNS requested by the IRS (usually the last six years are requested by them) for you as expertly as possible, from your records, Internal Revenue Service transcripts, etc. We try to set down with you in person, if possible, and do these returns, one by one. Or, we interview you over the phone, or by email, fax, or any other method of coming up with as close as possible accuracy. Even if YOU LOST ALL YOUR RECORDS, the past due tax returns must be prepared BEFORE we can reach any settlement with the IRS. At the same time, we will prepare all your PAST DUE STATE INCOME TAX RETURNS, as well as PAST DUE PAYROLL TAX RETURNS, FORMS W-2, 1099, ETC.

Many times clients receive SUBSTITUTE FOR RETURNS (SFR?S) from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS prepares these back year tax returns for you, many times, because you have not filed your PAST DUE TAX RETURNS for many years! When taxpayers receive these SUBSTITUTE FOR RETURNS FROM THE IRS, they usually show enormous balance dues, as the IRS does not know you deductions, exemptions, costs, etc. They (the IRS) are just trying to get your attention with these! These SUBSTITUTE FOR RETURNS (SFR?s) are NOT YOUR FINAL RETURNS! The IRS just does these to get your attention! As soon as you prepare and submit the true PAST DUE TAX RETURNS for those years, the SUBSTITUTE FOR RETURNS are canceled out and the correct numbers are substituted! Many times the taxpayer (you) will find that they do not owe anywhere near the amount to the IRS that showed on the SUBSTITUTE FOR RETURNS prepared by the IRS! Recently, we had a taxpayer that owed $180,000 on the SUBSTITUTE FOR RETURNS as prepared by the IRS, and only owed about $35,000 in reality after we did all the back returns!

It should be noted that the IRS usually only requires the last six years PAST DUE TAX RETURNS to be filed! We had one client who had not filed his entire life, and the IRS only wanted the last six years returns! We did the last ten years for him so that he could have 40 quarters of earnings so he could apply for MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS (AS HE WAS 70 YEARS OLD AT THE TIME!)! We always tell every client to file all returns, no matter how many years have not been done, but the clients always opt for just the last six, or whatever the IRS requires and requests!