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Offers in Compromise

This is a wonderful way to get rid of all the tax you owe, if you qualify. Don’t be taken in by unscrupulous “Tax Settlement” companies who say “send us $4,000 and we will get you a settlement for pennies on the dollar!” Again, you must qualify before doing an offer!! Very few qualify. How does a person qualify? Here are the qualifications:

  1.   You cannot have “ADJUSTED” assets of more than you owe the IRS. The asset value must be part of your offer.

  2.   Your monthly income cannot be greatly larger than your “ADJUSTED” “ALLOWABLE” monthly expenses. The difference, of positive, must be multiplied by either 40 or 60, and that amountmust be a part of your offer.

  3.   Your offer must be a combination of the two above numbers.

  4.   Much extensive paper work must be submitted, to the IRS including an extensive financial statement, for an investigation of the facts.

  5.   If you pass the above investigation, then your offer is accepted.

  6.   There are many, many pitfalls that may come up in the investigation, such as “DISSIPATED ASSETS”, that will get your offer turned down. This is why we ask all the right questions upfront, and make sure you qualify before we take a dime from you!!

  7.   We have a half hour free consultation, in person or over the phone. Call us. We won’t pressure you into sending us money. We will be honest and upfront with you at all times.

  8.   If an OFFER IN COMPROMISE doesn’t work out for you, we will suggest other ways to get your IRS problem under control. These ways include installment agreements, currently not collectible status, amended returns, penalty abatements, statue of collections, etc.  We will find a way out for you if at all possible!!! So, call us at (603) 432-9222!!!

Non-Filed Returns

We prepare all back tax returns, federal and all states for you. We obtain a Power of Attorney and get all back tax information on file for you at the IRS Even if you lost your records, we can still prepare these returns!!!

Back Taxes

If you filed your returns, we can still prepare amended returns to correct them, if you made errors.

940 and 941 Payroll Taxes

We can prepare all unfilled payroll returns for you. Also unfilled W-2’s, W-3’s, etc.

Liens and Levies

We have been very successful in removing liens and levies, such as a levy on your pay or bank accounts. It’s not easy, but it can be done. We find that if you are honest and cooperate with the IRS, they will usually work with you in return.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If you unknowingly field joint returns with your spouse, and truly did not know about the IRS problems, we may be able to get you some relief from collections. It’s not easy, but we have done it for many taxpayers.

Installment Agreements

If you cannot qualify for an “OFFER IN COMPROMISE”, don’t lose hope! You probably can qualify for a reasonable installment agreement with the IRS. This will get them off your back, remove levies, stop future levies, as long as you do what you say, etc. Some of these are very difficult to negotiate, but we have done thousands!! They involve a financial statement and negotiation with the IRS, which you don’t want to try yourself!!!

Other Federal Tax Problems

We handle all IRS tax problems. These could include “SUBSTANTIAL UNDERPAYMENT PENALTIES”, ‘TRUST FUND PENALTIES”, IRS audit problems (we can go for you tothe audit), etc.

Audit Representation

We can handle representing you at your IRS or State Audit. We handle hundreds of audits all over the USA, and very highly successfully! We simply obtain a Power of Attorney from you, set up the date and place, then obtain the to be audited details from you before the date of the audit. Many times audits can be done by mail, fax, email, or “snailmail”. Other IRS audits are “In Person” and usually transferred to our offices with no problem.

Currently Not Collectible Status

There are many times that we can convince the IRS (using a Financial Statement) that a taxpayer is truly “Upside Down” in their Allowable (IRS has maximum allowances) Monthly Expenses. At that point, the taxpayer is “Coded” in the IRS computer system as “CNC’, and no payments have to made any more as long as the code stays that way! After the 10 year Statute of Limitations on Collection, the debt owed goes away on it’s own -forever!!

Subordination Agreements

This happens where we can convince the IRS that it is to their best interest to allow other debts to come before the IRS debt. An example would be to allow a taxpayer to refinance their home without fully paying off the IRS. It’s a tool we can use at strategic times of negotiation.

Representation of your problems with the IRS and States

see explanation Audit Representation


We can prepare these for you for all years, if not already prepared, along with the W-3 recap of all W-2’s. (all years and all States also)


See explanation at W-2’s above.

State Unemployment Returns

We can determine your State Rate and prepare all back State Unempoyment Returns (All States).

IRS Notice Analysis by fax, mail, or email

Just fax any notices to us for a free analysis. FAX Number is 1-603-432-0911. We will callyou back very soon to discuss these, adn what they mean. No Charge!!! Or, email us the notices to , or Call us at (603) 432-9222.

Trust Fund Penalty Representation

This is where a taxpayer is personally held liable for the payroll taxes withheld from employees, yet not paid to the IRS. We have been very successful in getting a majority of these penalties removed, if there is a good reason, or if the taxpayer rights were violated.